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Thank you for listening in our podcast at Grace & Truth Community Church.  We post weekly sermons from our church in Evansville, Indiana, USA.  May God bless you to know Jesus more fully and love others more deeply.


Sep 3, 2016

As we begin The Book Jonah we find that it is far deeper in it's significance than that of a simple "fish story."  The title for our new sermon series is "Sovereign Grace."  Because we see both God's sovereignty over all things in Jonah and we also clearly see God's grace at work.  This Sunday will be an introduction, and we'll be in chapter 1:1-2.  In verses 1-2 we see that God speaks to His prophet and tells him exactly where to go and what to do.

Main themes in Jonah 

  1. Prophecy 
  2. God is sovereign over all things at all times.
  3. God is Gracious in the face of utter disobedience. 
  4. God uses preaching to bring people to repentance.