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Thank you for listening in our podcast at Grace & Truth Community Church.  We post weekly sermons from our church in Evansville, Indiana, USA.  May God bless you to know Jesus more fully and love others more deeply.


Dec 1, 2016

Romans 5:6-11; this will end our teaching on Thankfulness and the beginning of the Advent season of Hope, Love, Joy, & Faith.  Paul starts off by saying that Christ died for us while we were still "ungodly." From there he unpacks for us the assurance of our salvation based on what Jesus has done for us before we were even saved.  The argument essentially goes like this; if Christ saved us while we were ungodly sinners; why do we now doubt our standing with God? Or, to put it another way; if we have been justified by the blood of Christ already (notice that the justification is listed in the past tense) then what makes us (so often) think that God loves us any less, or that we're any less saved now.  If this doesn't give us reason to be thankful; we've got some hard soul searching to do.